On this website you can find many pictures, articles, audios, videos describing my relatives and what they have been through.
My mother Aili Hänninen is born on the 6:th of june 1916 in Petrograd (today S:t Petersburg) Russia by finnish parents and is still going strong and she will be 96 years old on the Swedish National Day the 6:th of june 2012.

Because of the Russian Revolution in november 1917 my grandparents must leave Petrograd and flee to Kanerva in the Karelian Isthmus in Finland.
During the Winter War (1939/40) and the Continuation War (1941/44) my mother had to move around on the Karelian Isthmus because of my fathers job in the Finnish Signal Intelligence.

My father Einar Hänninen was born on the 3:rd of may 1910 in Ino Karelia in Finland and died on the 27:th of may 1988 in Stockholm and was working both in the Finnish Signal Intelligence from 1933 until september 1944 and then in the Swedish Signal Intelligence from the 1:st of february 1945 until he retired the 31:st of may 1973.

In september 1944 my father and the Finnish Signal Intelligence was “orderd to leave” Finland by president Mannerheim, colonel Paasonen and colonel Hallamaa to continue to do their work to “follow” russian radio traffic from Sweden otherwise they could bee put in jail by the “Valpo”.

Many of those who had to go back to Finland after the war was put in jail for short and longer period.
This “Project” was called Stella Polaris and collapsed almost at once because they were not allowed to do “their work” from swedish territorium and on this site you can read my story of what happend our family and even links to other places where you can find more information about Stella Polaris.

I was one of the youngest only 6 weeks old (born 14 august 1944 in Keuruu) when I came with this “transport” from Nämpnäs (Finland) to Härnösand (Sweden) in september 1944 together with radio equipments and lots of other secret material.
My father had the longest experience of Finish Signal Intelligence (since 1933) of those who began to work at Swedish Signal Intelligence FRA (Försvarets Radio Anstalt) at Lovö outside Stockholm.

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Pertti Hänninen
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